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The following is a video showing the booting of Windows7 64-bit under a Lenovo G470 + Samsung 840 256GB SSD combination. My total RAM is 8GB. Windows7 may not be FOSS, but I thought that some people might be interested on how the mentioned SSD can improve the performance for the mentioned Operating System.

I've basically abandoned this blog again for a year. Events such as getting married, moving to another residence, and changing jobs made it difficult for me to blog. Since this site is getting some attention, I intend to make posts again. My target is to have a post per week. Hopefully, my determination will push me to keep this promise.

I've not been able to post articles recently to this blog. My free time was invested in writing code for HOPE, the CMS of Malaya Digital. Also, I made some content for the Malaya Digital website. Please visit to see what I've done. 🙂

UPDATE: is now this blog. To see HOPE in action, you can visit my personal home page at

Ok, I've basically abandoned this blog for so much time. It is my point now to make a post once a week. 🙂 Hopefully, I can fulfill that promise.

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