Setup of development environment

NOTE: I was not able to get a USB hard disk to reliably work with the OLinuXino A10S. However, I was able to reliably use a SD card with the mentioned ARM computer for storage. Thus, I recommend that you substitute a SD card for the USB hard disk. Just insert that card in the SD card slot, and do the necessary adjustments in the steps below.

1] Create a VirtualBox VM for Debian 7.2.0 i386. I allocated 1024MB of RAM to it. As for the virtual hard drive space, I allocated 8GB. I also recommend that you disable audio support for the VM.
2] Download the Net Install ISO image for Debian 7.2.0 i386. Boot the mentioned ISO in the VirtualBox VM you've created. I used the "Install" option in the installer boot menu.
3] This set of instructions will work with everything deselected under "Software selection." You may select software to your taste during installation.
4] After the installation, the guest OS will automatically get an IP Address via DHCP.
5] As root in your guest OS:
# apt-get update
# apt-get upgrade
6] Install OpenSSH client and server software as root in your guest OS if this will make file transfers and access to your development environment convenient for you:
# apt-get install openssh-client openssh-server
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