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This guide will help you setup WikiMedia on http://<IP or hostname>/wiki .
1] Setup CentOS 6 64-bit as in guide (
2] "yum update"
3] "vi /etc/sysconfig/selinux" and set "SELINUX=disabled".
4] "setenforce 0"
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1] Do everything below as root. If you need help to setup networking in a minimal CentOS 6.2 installation, please visit
2] Make sure selinux is disabled.
3] "yum install httpd php pcre php-mysql php-pear php-pecl-apc mysql-server ImageMagick sendmail php-intl wget system-config-firewall-tui"
4] "service mysqld start"
5] "/usr/bin/mysql_secure_installation"
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1] rpm -ivh
2] yum install ssmtp
3] cd /etc/ssmtp
4] mv ssmtp.conf ssmtp.conf.orig
5] vi /etc/ssmtp.conf

AuthUser=<your Google username&#[email protected]
AuthPass=<your password>

6]To test: echo "Testing" | mail -s "Test Email" (your e-mail address)

NOTE: I tried this on my Nagios setup as described here: .

1] Login as root.
2] "yum install perl-Net-XMPP"
3] Download notify_via_jabber , and save it to /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins .
4] "vi /usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/notify_via_jabber", look for the following 2 lines, and adjust properly.

my $username = "";
my $password = "";

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