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I find the Projectfiles rc.firewall script very useful for Slackware Linux. But it tends to go offline in the internet. So I'm also adding this to my blog so that I (and you 😉 ) could have another place to get it. Here's the link:

First and foremost, why use Slackware64 Linux 13.1 when Slackware64 Linux 13.37 (leet) is available? Well, in 13.37 has that nasty occasional tantrum of crashing in this notebook / laptop. Since Slackers are also known for their obsession with stability and functionality, I'd recommend that you use Slackware64 13.1 on this notebook / laptop instead(it does not have the crashing problem 😉 ). This guide shows you how to install the recommended Slackware Linux distribution.
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This guide assumes that you've setup a LDAP server and client as described in . Some of the assumptions include:
1] Current "Base" is "dc=micbal,dc=net"
2] LDAP Administrator is "dn=admin,dc=micbal,dc=net"
3] LDAP Server is listening on ""
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NOTE: I recommend you make a common normal user with sudo access for both the server and client. "normaluser" might be a good idea, but you're free to choose what you like. 🙂

LDAP server setup
1] Setup Ubuntu 11.04 Server 64-bit (Use "Minimal install" in "Modes".)
2] Note your host name and domain name, and substitute when necessary. I used "balky.micbal" for the host name, and "net" for the domain name.
3] Edit /etc/hosts appropriately. Make sure it has something like this(note that you need to substitute "" with your IP): balky.micbal balky
4] Also, comment out " balky.micbal balky" in /etc/hosts if it's there.
5] sudo apt-get install slapd ldap-utils migrationtools
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Note: This server was setup in a Virtualbox VM. And this guide assumes that you have a DHCP server in your network that properly assigns addresses for internet access. The DHCP lease will be taken thru eth0 of the VM. And eth1 of the VM will only be accessible to the default internal network "intnet" of VirtualBox.
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Ok, I've basically abandoned this blog for so much time. It is my point now to make a post once a week. 🙂 Hopefully, I can fulfill that promise.

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